London 2012 shot put Update


    For the first time in Olympic Google Doodle History the search engine dedicated the most valuable advertising space in the world which is reserved for Google Doodle to the London 2012 Shot Put event. The event is taking place on the 3rd of August 2012 at the Track and Field Olympic Stadium.

    London 2012 Shot Put

    10 Interesting Facts about the London 2012 Shot Put and Google Doodle

    1. The London Shot Put Google Doodle is the 8th Google Doodle for the London 2012 Olympics.
    2. The Competitors at the London 2012 Shot Put Olympics will need to throw 23.12 meters to break the Men World Shot Put Record, and the woman athletes 22.63 meters.
    3. Shot Put is both a Male and Female event.
    4. The Men’s London 2012 Shot Put event is scheduled for August 3, 2012.
    5. The Woman’s London 2012 Shot Put event is scheduled for August 5, 2012.
    6. The Olympics Shot Pur Record for men is 22.47 meters and for woman it is 22.41 meters.
    7. The Shot Put through can be invalid if the athlete steps out of the circle when throwing.
    8. The shot put ball is made of different kinds of materials depending on its intended use. Materials used include iron, cast iron, solid steel, stainless steel, brass, and synthetic materials like polyvinyl. Some metals are more dense than others making the size of the shot vary, for example, indoor shots are larger than outdoor shots, so different materials are used to make them.
    9. The three styles of shot put is as follows: 1. Disco-put 2. Parry O’Brien 3. Orthodox. But two new putting styles are in current general use by shot put competitors: the glide and the spin. With all putting styles, the goal is to release the shot with maximum forward velocity at an angle of approximately forty degrees.
    10. Upon calling the athlete’s name, they have sixty seconds to commence the throwing motion.

    What is Shot Put?

    In “Shot Put” Athletes need to through a solid ball made of metal and lead as far as possible, using a specific body movement. The Shot Put ball weights 7.26 Kg for the Olympics Men’s event and 4 Kg’s for women. In “Shot Put” the athlete needs to through the ball from within a circle, the athletes starts the throwing sequence having the ball in the neck position as illustrated in the London 2012 Shot Put Google Doodle. The throw needs to be thrown from this position in order to achieve a qualifying shot.

    The distance that the throw travels is measured by an empire to determine the distance of the throw. The measuring is done from the front of the circle and where the ball land’s for the first time. Illuminating the opportunity to roll the ball or to through the ball in such a way that there is a rolling momentum increasing the actual distance that the ball traveled in the air.

    London 2012 Shot Put Competition Format

    In all throwing events, athletes start with a qualifying round. Throwing in turn, each athlete gets three attempts to achieve a qualifying distance, decided by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Technical Delegates. Once all throws have been completed, all athletes who have achieved the qualifying distance go through to the final. If fewer than 12 athletes achieve the qualifying standard, the best 12 athletes go through.

    In the final, athletes have three initial throws, with the top eight after the first three rounds then having a further three throws. The athlete who performs the longest throw is the winner.

    In the event of a tie, athletes’ second-best throws are compared, followed by their third, and so on.

    Record Holders for Men’s Shot Put

    Type Distance Athlete Date and place
    WR 23.12 BARNES Randy 20 May 1990 – Los Angeles, CA (USA)
    OR 22.47 TIMMERMANN Ulf 23 Sep 1988 – Seoul (KOR)
    AF 21.97 ROBBERTS Janus 2 Jun 2001 – Eugene, OR (USA)
    AS 21.13 AL HEBSHI Sultan Mubarak 8 May 2009 – Doha (QAT)
    EU 23.06 TIMMERMANN Ulf 22 May 1988 – Khania (GRE)
    NA 23.12 BARNES Randy 20 May 1990 – Westwood, CA (USA)
    OC 21.26 MARTIN Scott 21 Feb 2008 – Melbourne, VIC (AUS)
    SA 21.14 VERNI Marco 29 Jul 2004 – Santiago (CHI)

    Record Holders for Women’s Shot Put

    Type Distance Athlete Date and place
    WR 22.63 LISOVSKAYA Natalya 7 Jun 1987 – Moscow (URS)
    OR 22.41 SLUPIANEK Ilona 24 Jul 1980 – Moscow (URS)
    AF 18.86 CHUKWUEMEKA Vivian 1 Jul 2012 – Porto-Novo (BEN)
    AS 21.76 LI Meisu 23 Apr 1988 – Shijiazhuang (CHN)
    EU 22.63 LISOVSKAYA Natalya 7 Jun 1987 – Moscow (URS)
    NA 20.96 LAZA Belsy 2 May 1992 – Mexico City (MEX)
    OC 21.24 ADAMS Valerie 29 Aug 2011 – Daegu (KOR)
    SA 19.30 ADRIANO Elisangela 14 Jul 2001 – Tunja (COL)