London 2012 Shot Put Times and Schedule

London 2012 Shot Put

The London 2012 Shot Put for men is taking place on August 3, 2012, and the London 2012 Shot Put event for woman on the August 6, 2012. Unlike most Olympics sports the event usually only lasts for one day. In the first part of the event, athletes qualify for the final event.

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In order for male athletes to beat the Olympic record they need to throw the ball more than 22.40 meters. The record belongs to a Korean Athlete who threw 22.40 meters during the 1988 Olympics in Seoul Korea. In order to beat the World Record at the London 2012 Shot Put event, athletes will need to throw more than 23.12 meters. This record have currently belongs to Randy Barnes from the USA.

Randy Barnes from the USA has achieved this world record in 1990 in Los Angeles, California. This record has stood now for more than 22 years and it is about time that someone adds a few centimetres to this record. If we look at the current athletes performing in the Male London 2012 Shot Put Olympics it is highly unlikely that this record will be beaten this year.

The United States of America have three athletes competing in the Male London 2012 Shot Put Event. They are Cantwell Christian, Hoffa Reese and Whiting Ryan. These United States Athletes all have a chance to win this year’s Olympics.

Hoffa Reefs have achieved the best throw of the USA athletes at the London 2012 Shot Put competition and are standing on 21.36 meters. Cantwell Christian USA has thrown 20.41 meters and Whiting Ryan is on 20.78 meters.

From the current London 2012 Shot Put results it looks like Hoffa Reefs is going to take the Gold at the London 2012 Shot Put this year. David Storl from Germany is also looking good with his 21.15 meters throw and MAJEWSKI Tomasz 21.03 meters throw. These three athletes have been so far the only ones to go over the 21 meters mark at the London 2012 Shot Put competition, but anything can still happen as the London 2012 Shot put finals is only taking place tonight at 20:30 (London Time) at the main Olympics Stadium.

London 2012 Shot Put Finals

NoLondon 2012 Shot Put FinalsCountry
1CANTWELL ChristianUnited States of America
2ARMSTRONG DylanCanada
3MAJEWSKI TomaszPoland
4LAURO GermanArgentina
5SIDOROV MaksimRussian Federation
6HOFFA ReeseUnited States of America
7KOLASINAC AsmirSerbia
8WHITING RyanUnited States of America
9STORL DavidGermany
10CHANG Ming-HuangTaipei (Chinese Taipei)
11LYZHYN PavelBelarus
12SCOTT DorianJamaica

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