London 2012 Shot Put Google Doodle

London 2012 shot put

Here at 3D Car Shows we love to follow news about Google Doodles. Since the start of the London 2012 Olympics Google have had a Google Doodle each day focussing on one sport at a time. In the previous Google Doodles google placed emphasis on sports like archery, fencing, field hockey, table tennis and diving. Today the focus are on the London 2012 Shot Put event at the games.

London 2012 shot put

The London 2012 Shot Put Google doodle came as a suprise, I were speculating that the next sport on the Google Doodles will be swimming or weight lifting and the London 2012 Shot Put Google doodle came as a complete suprise.

Google Doodles about London 2012

Google doodles receive rediculous amounts of people clicking on them when they appear from time to time. I like following the doodles, and love the fact that Google is introducing us daily to a sport that forms part of the london 2012 Olympics. I love it even more that the sports that Google is picking for there Doodles are not main stream sports, but rather less known sports.

In today’s Google Doodle about the “London 2012 Shot Put“ I were forced to learn something new. I know the basics of the sport but in order to write about the Google Doodle I needed to do some research about the sport.

About London 2012 Shot Put

The shot put is a track and field event involving "putting" (throwing in a pushing motion) a heavy metal ball “the shot“ as far as possible. It seems like the event is only taking place on the ‎August 3, 2012 making it one of the few sports at the London 2012 Olympics which is only scheduled for one day. The current world record that needs to be beaten in the London 2012 Shot Put games are 23.12m. The favorite athlete at the London 2012 Shot Put event Cantwell Christian from the United States have the best chance to win, and beat the world record. His personal best are 22.54m bringing him very close to the world record.

Men Athletes participating at the London 2012 Shot Put Olympics

London 2012 Shot Put - Men Group A

London 2012 Shot Put - Men Group A

Personal Best

Season Best

1United States of AmericaCANTWELL Christian22.54m22.31m
2Russian FederationTSIRIKHOV Soslan20.76m20.41m
3MexicoSAENZ Stephen20.08m20.08m
4PortugalFORTES Marco21.02m21.02m
5AlbaniaHOXHA Adriatik18.18m18.18m
6ArgentinaLAURO German20.43m20.43m
7IcelandTHORSTEINSSON Odinn Bjorn20.22m20.22m
8LatviaURTANS Maris21.63m19.84m
9NetherlandsSMITH Rutger21.62m20.56m
10HungaryKURTHY Lajos20.78m20.17m
11Bosnia and HerzegovinaMESIC Kemal20.71m20.71m
12PolandMAJEWSKI Tomasz21.95m21.72m
13CanadaRODHE Justin21.11m21.11m
14GreeceSTAMATOYIANNIS Mihail20.36m19.70m
15GermanySTORL David21.88m21.88m
16BelarusLYZHYN Pavel21.21m20.48m
17SpainVIVAS Borja20.18m20.06m
18BulgariaIVANOV Georgi20.33m20.33m
19JamaicaSCOTT Dorian21.45m20.72m
20AustraliaSTEVENSON Dale20.63m20.63m
London 2012 Shot Put - Men Group B
1SerbiaKOLASINAC Asmir20.8520.85
2CubaVELIZ Carlos20.7620.50
3United States of AmericaHOFFA Reese22.4322.00
4SamoaFUAMATU Emanuele19.4619.46
5DenmarkCHRISTENSEN Kim20.3920.02
6EstoniaTOOMPUU Raigo20.2020.04
7CroatiaMULABEGOVIC Nedzad20.6620.66
8Taipei (Chinese Taipei)CHANG Ming-Huang20.5820.25
9TurkeyATICI Huseyin20.4220.42
10Islamic Republic of IranNIKFAR Amin20.0519.51
11BelarusMIKHNEVICH Andrei22.1020.90
12United States of AmericaWHITING Ryan22.0022.00
13CanadaARMSTRONG Dylan22.2121.50
14Great BritainMYERSCOUGH Carl21.9220.13
15Russian FederationSIDOROV Maksim21.5121.51
16GermanyBARTELS Ralf21.4420.30
17Czech RepublicZALSKY Antonin20.7120.38
18IndiaSINGH Om Prakash20.6920.69
19UkraineSEMENOV Andriy20.6320.55
20People's Republic of ChinaZHANG Jun20.4120.16

For more information about the London 2012 Shot Put games, make sure to visit the

London 2012

site for more details. You can also check out the Google Doodles from the past on the 3D Car Shows

Google Doodles


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