London 2012 rhythmic gymnastics


    3D Car Shows: The London 2012 rhythmic gymnastics is the latest sport Google selected to be featured on their homepage. Those looking for the next Google Olympics Game will be disappointed, as the London 2012 rhythmic gymnastics Google Doodle is not a game.

    London 2012 rhythmic gymnastics

    The London 2012 rhythmic gymnastics is also a female only sport. This is the second time that Google have selected a female only sport from the Olympics to be featured on their homepage. On the 5th of August 2012, Google had Synchronized Swimming which is also a female only sport at the Olympics.

    In the doodle there are a female gymnast performing at the London 2012 rhythmic gymnastics. She is doing her performance with a ribbon. The ribbon twirls and swirls to create the two O’s in the Google Logo.

    The London 2012 Rhythmic Gymnastics event is one of the most exciting events to watch. During a performance the Gymnast will manipulate apparatus while performing a ballet, theatrical dance with a mixture of gymnastics. The athlete will also manipulate her body into movements few people can imagine the human body are capable. Consider how these Gymnasts may pull one foot over their head, jumping and splitting or balancing on their chests performing a split.

    The event is graceful and many perceive it as an act and not a sport, for me it is art and sport as the athlete’s bodies are performing highly skilled movements that requires great athletic capability.

    The sport are particular popular in Eastern European Countries like Russia, which usually dominates these types of competitions.

    During the performance gymnasts are allowed to use music. The music cannot contain lyrics, police sirens, and disturbing loud unexpected sounds.


    London 2012 rhythmic gymnastics

    is taking place from August 9 – August 12, 2012 at the Wembley Arena, London, United Kingdom.