London 2012 Pole Vault Saturday 4 August 2012


    On Saturday, August 04, 2012 the Doodle on the Google home page depict the Olympic sport “Pole Vault”. Here are some interesting facts about the doodle, sport and London 2012 Pole Vault Competition.

    London Pole Vault 2012

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    London 2012 Pole Vault

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    Facts about the London 2012 Pole Vault

    1. The London 2012 pole vault doodle made its maiden appearance and the sport have never before been used in a doodle.
    2. The London 2012 pole vault image show a female player jumping, in the background one can see the spectators in the Olympics stadium. The top of the stadium have the colors blue, red, and yellow and green (Google colors). The worlds Google is written in the sky just behind the stadium.
    3. The London 2012 pole vault is the ninth doodle for the London 2012 Olympics.
    4. The only requirement for the sport is that the Pole Vault must be smooth; athletes can use any length or diameter to aid there jumping.
    5. In the sport athletes can pick their own starting jump heights. If the athlete fails to clear the cross bar of the jump three times in a row the athlete is eliminated from the competition and his best clearance jump high will count to words his score. If the athlete clears the crossbar the crossbar is moved to a new height.
    6. To clear the cross bar, athlete’s plant there Pole Vault into a box in front and at the bottom of the crossbar, speed, momentum and the elasticity determines how height the athlete will clear the crossbar.
    7. The London 2012 Pole Vault is taking place from the 4th of August 2012, first the woman will compete and then the men on the 8th of August, 2012.
    8. Pole vaulting is a track and field event in which a person uses a long, flexible pole (which today is usually made either of fiberglass or carbon fiber) as an aid to leap over a bar.

    London 2012 pole vault Google Doodle

    London 2012 Pole Vault

    “Image of the London 2012 Pole Vault Google Doodle”