London 2012 Pole Vault – Australia


    On the 4th of August, 2012 Google chose the “London 2012 Pole Vault” competition to be featured on their homepage. Millions of people will click on the Google Doodle today providing the sport incredible exposure from all around the world.

    London 2012 Pole Vault

    In this article we will not talk too much about the “London 2012 Pole Vault Google Doodle”, but rather look at Australia’s Athletes history participation at the Olympics in the Pole Vault event. In fact it is an Australian that is currently the Olympic Record holder for Pole Vault.

    On the 22th of August 2008 at the Beijing Olympic Games in China, HOOKER Steven from Australia achieved a first place in the Pole Vault event and broke the Olympic Record for Pole Vault. The Pole Vault Olympic record currently stands on 5.96 meters. In order for Athletes to break the current Australian Olympics Pole Vault record athletes at the London 2012 Olympics will need to jump higher than 5.96 meters. The world Pole Vault record is 6.14 meters achieved by Italian BUBKA Sergey on the 31th July 1994 at Sestriere in Italy.

    South African Okkert Brits is also one of the few athletes that have jumped over the 6 meters mark, achieving a South African Pole Vault record on the 18th of August in 1995 in Cologne Germany. Okkert Brits have jumped higher than Steven from Australia, but because this was not at an Olympic event, he did not break Steven’s record.

    London 2012 Pole Vault Australian Athlete

    London 2012 Pole Vault Athletes

    This year Steven Hooker will once again participate at the London 2012 Pole Vault competition. Steven won the first ever Pole Vault medal ever for Australia. This is the 3rd Olympics for the Athlete and one of Australia’s favorite athletes to win the London 2012 Pole Vault Gold Medal. In 2010 in Doha Steven achieved his personal best at the World Indoor Championships when he jumped 6.01 meters.

    Hooker Stevens from Australia is one of the favorite athletes to win gold at the London 2012 Pole Vault Olympics.