London 2012 Men’s Rings


    Today 31th July 2012 the Google Logo has been changed to the London 2012 Men’s Rings Gymnastics. Each day since the start of the Olympics Google have used their logo to tell the world about one specific event that is taking place at the Olympics. Today the last day of July 2012 the focus is on London 2012 Men’s Rings Gymnastics.

    London 2012 Mens Rings

    If you want to find out more about London 2012 Men’s Rings and other sports simply navigate to the official London 2012 Olympics website or search for the sport you are interested in. Google have updated there search results pages which now include details about each sport.

    If you are interested in getting quick updates about the Olympics, results, schedules and medal winners simply search for “London 2012” and add the sport name you are interested in to the search term “London 2012”.

    We have created some sample searches which will help you to get started getting information about the Olympics directly in your Google Search Results.

    London 2012 Google Cheat Sheet

    As you can see Google have most of the London 2012 Olympics covered, using the cheat sheet and adding the sport you are interested can provide you with instant, quality news and London 2012 results and medals.