London 2012 Javelin


    Here comes another Gold Medal for the South African Olympic team.

    London 2012 Javelin: South Africa Sunette Viljoen

    On the 6th of August, 2012 Google changed their Google Doodle to the London 2012 Javelin competition. The event will receive millions of additional views from people clicking on the Google Doodle interested to learn more about the London 2012 Javelin event. While the world is looking at the athletes, the event and learning more about javelin and reading about the Google Doodle.

    South African eyes will be on Sunette Viljoen. Sunette Viljoen has been in the news recently as she is one of the hopes that South Africa has for another Gold Medal.

    London 2012 Javelin

    Sunette Viljoen is the current South African record holder for the longest throw. She has managed to throw 69.35 meters on 9 Jun 2012 in New York, NY (USA). This is only 2.93 meters short of the world record which currently stands on 72.28 meters. However if she want to break a Olympic record she only needs to add 2.18 meters to her African Record and South Africa would likely walk away with another Olympic Gold medal.

    Sunette Viljoen is not only the best Javelin Women’s athlete in South Africa, She played one test match and 17 one-day internationals for the South African women’s cricket team before deciding to focus on athletics and on her preparation to win gold at the London 2012 Javelin competition.

    In a recent intervies Sunette Viljoen admitted that one of her biggest dreams are to win a medal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, with the London 2012 Javelin competition coming up next we here at 3D Car Shows would like to wish Sunette Viljoen all the best, and may she bring a gold medal back home.

    Today as the world focuses on the London 2012 Javelin competition as a result of the incredible exposure a Google Doodle creates. Take a good look at Sunette Viljoen the soon to be London 2012 Javelin champ!

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