London 2012 Hurdles Game


    On the 6th of August 2012 the London 2012 hurdles event starts in Great Britain. The United Kingdom is hosting the 2012 Olympics. Google have played a major role in the London 2012 Olympics by picking one sport per day since the start of the Olympics on the 27th July 2012 to be featured on their homepage.

    London 2012 hurdles gold

    The Google homepage is the most visited page on the internet, and this exposure provides phenomenal exposure to any event, sport, birthday or historical event Google choose to promote via the Doodle from time to time.

    Today Google have created a special kind of Google Doodle for the London 2012 Hurdles games. The doodle is in itself a game and if there were Gold medals for Google Doodles the London 2012 Hurdles one would be the Gold medal winner. By using your left and right keys you control the athlete in the London 2012 Hurdles Doodle. The faster you press the left and right arrows the faster your athlete will run. In order to jump over the hurdles you need to press the space button.

    Google Doodle: London 2012 Hurdles Game.

    The London 2012 Hurdles Google doodle game is a fun game to play. You should try it yourself on the Google homepage today. Each time you play the game you race against yourself and the clock. The more you practice the better your times will get playing the game.

    In order to start the London 2012 Hurdles Doodles game you will need to press the play button.

    If you played the London 2012 Hurdles Game let us know whats your score!