London 2012 hurdles Best Google for Olympics 2012


    I am very excited as I am writing this post on the latest “London 2012 Hurdles” Google Doodle. This is by far the best London 2012 Olympics Google Doodle yet. Google have for the first time created an interactive game doodle. The London 2012 hurdles doodle allows you to play the doodle game and participate at the “London 2012 hurdles”.

    To start the Doodle game, simply click on the play button. To run press your left and right mouse buttons and to jump over the hurdles use your space bar to jump over.

    I suspect that this is likely to be the best Google Doodle Olympics game doodle for 2012 and likely to be the best ever Google doodle for Olympics.

    How to play the London 2012 hurdles Google Doodle Game.

    London 2012 hurdles

    To start playing the London 2012 hurdles Doodle Game you need to click on the play button. This will start the game.

    London 2012 hurdles doodle gameTo get the athlete running you need to press your keyboard buttons. By pressing left and right your athlete will start running. The London 2012 hurdles doodle game comes with instructions, on the game itself.

    London 2012 hurdles google doodle

    To jump over the hurdles you will need to press the space bar on your keyboard.