London 2012 football


London 2012 football – 15th Google Olympic Games Doodle

London 2012 Football

According to Forbes the Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the world, worth approximately $420 million, followed by the Olympic Games worth about $230 Million and then it is Soccer worth about $120 Million.

Today the Google Doodle on the search engine homepage is about the London 2012 Football competition taking place at the Summer Olympics. Two of the world’s biggest sporting events on one Google Doodle.

The London 2012 Football Google Doodle is not just an ordinary image, but an interactive Google games doodle. The game was created using a mixture of HTML 5, Flash and JavaScript. The purpose of the game is to see how many goals you can block. The London 2012 Football game does not have a time limit and is relatively easy to play. If you are patient it is easy to get a high score playing the game.

To play the game you can use either your keyboard, or your mouse. If you are using your mouse left makes your goalie go left and the same for moving right. If you want to block a high ball you can press your left mouse button which will get your goalie to jump. If you are using your keyboard you use your arrow keys and the space bar to jump.

The London 2012 Football games are on from the 25th of July 2012 until the 11th of August 2012.