London 2012 football – Best Score


    On Friday, August 10, 2012 Google launched the “London 2012 Football” game. The game form part of the initiative to promote one sports event, each day during the Olympics 2012. We here at 3D Car Shows love these Google games and the way that Google have used their Google Doodles to help keep us informed about what is happening at the Olympics.

    London 2012 Football

    Over the past few days we have regularly reported about these Google Doodles, the Olympics and the Google Olympic Doodle Games. Since the launch of the Google Olympic Game Doodles many online users seem to have entered into their own kind of online Olympics, wanting to know what is the best scores for the games, as well as wanting to find out what the average scores are for these games.

    If you have played the “London 2012 Football” game, please tell us how much you have scored playing the game. This will give our readers the opportunity to see how competitive their scores are compared to the average London 2012 Football game player.