London 2012 Fencing Google Search Results and Google Doodle


    On July 30, 2012 Google changed their Google Logo to the “London 2012 Fencing” Google Doodle. Since the start of the Olympics on the 27th July 2012 Google have so far had a Google Doodle relating to the London 2012 Olympics everyday on their homepage.

    London 2012 Fencing

    “London 2012 Fencing Google Doodle”

    If the Google Doodle is clicked visitors of the search engine were provided with official results from the event. In the top right corner there is also a link to the official London 2012 website, taking you to the results and schedule of events.

    London 2012 Fencing

    “Screenshot of Google Search Results for London 2012 Fencinc”

    In the London 2012 Fencing Google Doodle scenario you would have gotten the latest results for London 2012 Fencing, which is quite cool since it is a easy way to stay up to date with what is happening at the London 2012 Olympics.

    2012 London Fencing Results

    “Screenshot of Official London 2012 Fencing results, showing the official London 2012 page at the top, and the current London 2012 Fencing medal winners. In the right hand side you can also see the schedule of events, and other events relating to London 2012 Fencing”

    In our opinion we think that Google have made some big advances when it comes to world events. The way that Google are implementing there Google Doodles, and search result pages providing quality information, news and highlights about London 2012 are brilliant.

    Google set for London 2012 Gold Medals

    It is the first time since Google’s Doodle history that Google have rolled out so many international Google Doodles. Already Google have had 4 consecutive Google Doodles and if they continue at this pace we should see at least 17 Google Doodles for London 2012.

    Earning Google a “World Record” and Gold medal for consecutive Google Doodles.