London 2012 basketball Google Doodle Game


    Today Google have launched their second interactive London 2012 Basketball game. Yesterday they have launched the London 2012 Hurdles game. In the game you were one of the athletes running in the Olympics hurdles event. In the latest “London 2012 Basketball” game you are one of the athletes at the Olympics and need to throw some basketballs through the loop.

    london 2012 basketball

    The “London 2012 Basketball” and “London 2012 Hurdles” Google Doodle has bring a new dimension to the games and the exposure Google provides for the games.

    How to play the London 2012 Basketball Game

    It is easy to play the game, you need to through as many basketball’s through the loop as you can. You only have a few seconds to throw the balls. In the game you use your spacebar to through the ball. Wait for the right moment and press space and see if your ball has hit the mark.

    When the London 2012 Basketball game is finished you have a choice to play again, share the London 2012 Basketball games with your friends on Google+, or you can click on the search button to see the latest news from the London 2012 Basketball event.

    I personally love the new format that Google are adapting with their Google Doodles. Like the London 2012 Hurdles Google Doodle the London 2012 Basketball game takes Olympic Gold for doodles.