London 2012 Basketball Game Facts


    Today Google have launched their second Olympics Game in the form of a Google Doodle. Just like the London 2012 Hurdles game which were the first Olympics Game Google Doodle featuring an actual game visitors to the search engine could play, the London 2012 Basketball also allowed visitors to get some Olympic action playing the game.

    London 2012 Basketball

    In a previous article we asked our web visitors for their best scores and it currently seem like some of the players are shooting as much as 40 ball’s through the hoop.

    The London 2012 Olympic Games by Google have added a new interest in the doodles, and more people are paying attention to the doodles themselves since they can now actively participate in the Olympic Games, although it is only through the virtual games.

    As far as we know this is the first time that Google have created sport game doodles. In the future people are going to have high expectations for the doodlers who create any kind of sport doodle.

    To play the “London 2012 Basketball” game players will need some skill. To shoot the hoops you need to press the space bar on your keyboard. If you hold down the spacebar the ball will turn red, indicating the strength of the shot. To get the most shots, you will need to find the correct time to launch the ball.

    In general the Google doodles are doing the Olympics good, with Google promoting various sport events via there doodles they are creating huge amounts of interest in the games.

    Here are some facts about the London 2012 Basketball games.

    • At the London 2012 Basketball competition there are 144 men and 144 women competing for the Gold Medal. Each country are only allowed to enter one team, twelve teams compete in both the men’s and women’s competitions, with 12 athletes (five players and seven substitutes) on each team.
    • The London 2012 basketball court is 28m long and 15m wide. The baskets at either end are 3.05m above the ground. The court is divided into two halves, with a free-throw line 5.8m inside either end, and the three-point line a 6.75m radius from each basket.
    • The game has been part of Olympics since 1936 when it were first played at the Berlin Games in Germany.
    • A Canadian James Naismith invented the game in 1891 and against popular believe the game were not invented by the USA.
    • The NBA (National Basketball Association) from the USA is the world’s leading professional basketball league.
    • To master the game players need excellent ball skills and the ability to think on their feet and play tactically as a team, players also need to have speed, strength and stamina
    • Referees will be looking out for rule infringements including violations and fouls. Violations are not committed against another player, but include offences such as taking more than two steps with the ball,
    • having a hand underneath the ball (carrying) or bouncing the ball with both hands. Violations result in the ball being awarded to the opposition.

    What is the next Google London 2012 Google Doodle?

    If you are already wondering about the next Google Doodle, you will be glad to hear that it is about the

    London 2012 slalom canoe

    competition. The London 2012 Slalom Canoe Google Doodle is also an interactive game. The game requires more skill than the previous Google Doodle games, but is by far more interesting to play than the hurdles or basketball games.