London 2012 Basketball best scores


    London 2012 Basketball the Game is on!

    London 2012 basketball

    Yesterday Google stole the show with the “London 2012 Hurdles” Google Doodle, providing online visitors to the search engine to play the “London 2012 Hurdles” game. This Google Doodle sparked an unprecedented and unexpected online competition amongst players to find out who had the fastest time playing the London 2012 Hurdles game.

    The London 2012 Hurdles game was a first of its kind Google Doodle, allowing players to participate with the Olympics, or at least provided a taste of Olympic competition.

    Today 8th August 2012 Google launched the “London 2012 Basketball” Google Doodle game. Once again it is a Google Doodle and Game all in one! The Google doodle is about the “London 2012 Basketball” games at the Olympics. If you play the game and finish, you can click on the search button and you will be taken to the search results for the “London 2012 Basketball” games. Here you can also read the latest news about the “London 2012 Basketball” competition and also view current statistics from the game.

    Google Doodle London 2012 Basketball

    To play the London 2012 Basketball game you need to press the space bar on your keyboard. If you press the space bar you will see the ball turn darker orange and then red. The longer you take to shoot the ball the higher you will overshoot the basketball. It is important to find the balance in the game, and get the sweet spot on when to release the ball.

    What is the Best Scores for the London 2012 Basketball Game?

    Currently we do not have statistics on the best scores for the “London 2012 Basketball” game. If you have played the “London Basketball Game” please post your scores in the comment box below. This will help us and our readers to get an idea of what is the “Best London 2012 Basketball Scores”.