London 2012 Artistic Gymnastics Men’s Rings

Published by Gerald Ferreira Date: July 30, 2012

Today Google is placing the world’s attention on the London 2012 Artistic Gymnastics Men's Rings. Since the start of London 2012 Olympics Google have created a Google Doodle each day to add to the Olympic spirit. The first Google Doodle on the 27th of July 2012 announced the

London 2012 Opening Ceremony

reminding people about the 2012 Olympics start.

London 2012 Artistic Gymnastics Mens Rings

On the 28th of July the Google Doodle announced the first Gold Olympic medal for 2012 announcing

London 2012 Archery

. On the 29th of July Google announced the

London 2012 diving

event, and on the 30th of July the focus were on the

London 2012 Fencing

event. Today the 31st July 2012 the Google doodle is about

London 2012 Artistic Gymnastics Men's Rings


About the London 2012 Artistic Gymnastics Men's Rings

The London 2012 Artistic Gymnastics Men's Rings competition has four phases: qualification, Team final, Individual All-Around final and individual apparatus finals. The event is taking place from the 28th of July 2012 to the 6th of August 2012. The rings, also known as still rings (in contrast to flying rings), is an artistic gymnastics apparatus and the event that uses it. It is traditionally used only by male gymnasts, due to its extreme upper-body strength requirements. Gymnasts typically wear ring grips while performing on the rings.

London 2012 Artistic Gymnastics Men's Rings Schedule

If you want to watch the Artistic Gymnastics Men's and Woman Gymnastics, here is a schedule of the events.

London 2012   Artistic Gymnastics Men's Rings Date:
Men's Floor Exercise  August 5, 2012
Men's Vault August 6, 2012
Men's Parallel Bars  August 7, 2012
Men's Horizontal Bar  August 7, 2012
Men's Rings  August 6, 2012
Men's Pommel Horse  August 5, 2012
Men's Individual All-Around August 1, 2012
Men's Team July 30, 2012
Men's Qualification July 28, 2012
Women's Floor Exercise August 7, 2012
Women's Vault August 5, 2012
Women's Uneven Bars August 6, 2012
Women's Beam August 7, 2012
Women's Individual All-Around August 2, 2012
Women's Team July 31, 2012
Women's Qualification  July 29, 2012

 London 2012 Artistic Gymnastics Men's Rings Google Doodle

In the Google Doodle one can see an athlete on the rings. The crowds at the event is also visible in the background. It look's like the crowd at the event is holding up the Google Doodle in support of London 2012.