Local Cab Company Goes Carbon Conscious with New Fleet of LPG Fuelled Taxis from Proton


Sharoe Green Garage firms up deal with Millers Citax

Preston’s largest taxi firm, Millers Citax, is going the extra mile to reduce its impact on the environment having completed an order for ten new LPG-fuelled taxis with local Proton car dealership Sharoe Green Garage.


The two companies have a combined 190 years worth of experience of serving the local area, and the deal comes as the cost of fuel continues to increase and is currently at an all-time-high. The carbon-conscious cab company made the investment in ten Persona ecoLogic dual-fuel cars to help keep fares down for customers and refresh its fleet.

Talking about Miller Citax’s decision to invest in the new fleet, Managing Director Peter Osbourn commented: “This is an exciting development in the history of the company which was founded in 1870 and started with a fleet of 50 horse drawn cabs.  142 years on, we are now taking delivery of our first LPG fuelled taxis, and we hope our customers really feel the benefit of our upgraded fleet.

“We are keen to support local business, and as such Sharoe Green seemed the ideal partner.  This is the first time that we’ve invested in Proton, but we were really impressed by the savings that we can make – especially as the cost of fuel rockets.

“Our commitment to running our fleet of LPG taxis is such that we plan to install our own gas tank to give our drivers easier accessibility.  Our taxi drivers travel miles and miles each day, and we need to be confident in the cars we use – we believe that this latest investment demonstrates our commitment to customers, reducing our impact on the environment and also driving cost efficiencies for the company.”

Founded in 1964, and staffed by a team of six who have nearly 80 years of service with the dealership, Sharoe Green Garage is Proton Car’s oldest dealership and has been a Proton dealer since the car manufacturer launched in the UK in 1989.

Graham Jones, Managing Director for Sharoe Green Garage added:  “We are delighted to be involved with such a well respected company as Millers Citax, and the investment that they are making in Proton’s Persona ecoLogics is testament to the manufacturer’s build quality and reliability.

“As part of the deal, Sharoe Green Garage will be looking after the routine servicing of the new fleet, as well as providing aftercare for any other issues that arise. Proton’s cars are known for their reliability and robust build, and whilst we don’t expect the cars to be off the road, aftercare is just as important as the purchase process. We will be working closely with the drivers to ensure any down-time is kept to an absolute minimum.

“Running at a fraction of the cost of either petrol or diesel, and combining both the economical and ecological savings of LPG fuel, the Proton Persona ecoLogic delivers the best of both worlds making it the ideal choice for cost and carbon conscious car owners and businesses. We look forward to helping more local companies enhance their fleet with this excellent choice of car.”

Simon Park, General Manager Sales & Marketing for Proton Cars, said: “For drivers clocking up high mileage, the vast cost savings on fuel are a compelling reason for businesses to consider the Proton Persona ecoLogic when updating its fleet. Even the average UK driver doing 10,000 miles per year could save over £500 per year on their fuel costs, simply by switching to LPG.”