Local and International Air shows


3D Car Shows, Johannesburg, South Africa.

After the recent success that we have achieved with the 3D Car Shows site we are now also planning to re-launch the Air shows site. The air shows site was first launched in 2004. The site contained a wealth of information about National and International Air shows from all over the world.

The site had quality information about the Aviation Industry, Air shows, aero planes and Helicopters. The site consisted of about 1000 pages with quality articles, photographs and information about Air shows and Aviation.

Due to work commitments the site was neglected for some time and at this stage are barely a few pages. We have decided to re-launch the air shows site in a similar format as the 3D Car Shows site.

On the Air shows site we are planning to provide regular news about all the air shows around the world. Provide news from Airplane Manufacturers and create pages with airplane statistics and detailed information about the airplanes that are available.

We are also planning a special section where the Organizers of Air shows can tell us more about their Air shows and provide our readers with information about the Air shows.

We here at 3D Car Shows and the Air Shows site are eager to announce the re-launch of the Air Shows site. If you are in the aviation industry feel free to contacts us, send us information and news about the aviation industry for inclusion on the Air Shows site!