Live New Year’s countdown 2011


    Live New Year CountdownHere at 3D Car Shows we have been hard at work to bring a

    New Year Tracker

    to the internet. Which will make it possible for people to view live New Year countdowns across the globe to see when the clock strikes in various countries at midnight?

    We have actually hoped that Google will launch a New Year Tracker similar to the Santa Tracker which they have powered on Christmas. The Norad Santa tracker which used a Google Maps interface allowed people across the world to follow Santa as he made his annual deliveries.

    The Search Giant already has all the technologies in place to give us a New Year Tracker. In the meantime we are busy to create something very simple that will allow people across the world to view a “live New Year Countdown” of the New Year.

    For more information on the 3D Car Shows “Live New Years Countdown” and our New Year Tracker you can visit the New Year tracker. You can also read our article about the

    “Google New Year Tracker”

    which is fictional but would be nice to see being offered by the Search Engine!