Let it Snow: The Google Outcry for Snow and many people asking if it will snow


    Let it Snow: The Google Outcry for Snow and many people asking if it will snow

    Let it Snow

    When looking at the National Weather Service’s report one cannot say for sure that it will snow in your area on Christmas day or not. From the Satellite image we can see that there has already fallen some snow in some areas. The big question on everyone’s lips this winter is if we will have a white Christmas or not.

    Earlier this week Google launched their Let it snow campaign.

    Search for the words “let it snow” to see the Let it Snow feature that Google have built into their search results. When you search for let it snow in the Google Search using either Google Chrome or Firefox you will see Snow slowly starting to fall onto the Search Results. The cold and snow will freeze up your computer screen until the visibility of the search results completely disappears behind the fog and mist and ice as you screen totally freezes up.

    For more fun you can use your mouse as a scraper and write words in the ice, using your mouse. If you have all the fun you can have with the search results you can use the blue “defrost” button to clear all the snow and ice at once from your screen.

    Once you are on the page you may want to look around and maybe click on the “Lyrics for the let it snow song”. The song have been likely the inspiration behind the Google let it snow campaign. There is almost nothing more beautiful and piece full than the white snow on a Christmas morning. This is typical for many people in the United States representing a True Christmas tradition like no other!

    Following the outcry on Google for snow we will just have to sit and wait to see if it is going to snow or not.

    Google have started something this year with their let it snow campaign that I just cannot get out of my mind. It is maybe because the words of the let it snow song is so addictive and once it is in your head it is very difficult to get the words out of your head!

    Only two days left of singing “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Soon we will know if we are going to have a White Christmas or not!

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    For now just let us just sing – Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Soon we will know!