Let it snow on Google a Big hit this Christmas Season

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This year from the United States of America to the United Kingdom even India, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand people searched like crazy for the words “let it snow” in Google.

Let it Snow

The rumor quickly spread that Google have something special for people that searched for the words “let it snow” using the Google Search engine.

However many people typing the words “let it snow” into the search engine walked away disappointed as nothing happened when they searched for the worlds “let it snow”. Some even returned a couple of times to try it again and again, without luck.

Later some of the sites picked up that the let it snow feature only worked if you did the search “let it snow” in Google Chrome or Firefox.

If you haven’t seen the snow effect on Google yet, use Firefox or Google Chrome to type in the “let it snow” search and see what happens!

Highlights from the Let it Snow Google Search:

Let it Snow goes viral

Let it snow Google Trends

After only a few hours the let it snow campaign went viral and millions of people started talking about the let it snow feature in Google. In less than a couple of days the whole internet world started checking out the “Let it Snow” search. We have checked Google Trends and could confirm from the information there that millions of people indeed did the “let it snow” search.

From the data available it is easy to see how a once quite little snow storm, turned out to become one of the biggest and most searched for terms in a very short time over this Christmas period. The let it snow search term have literally broke the graphs as it jumped from a small amount of searches!

Let it snow YouTube Video

During the time that the search term let it snow were at its peak this holiday season we thought we would make a short video to show people that do not have Google Chrome or Firefox what the Let it snow searched looked like.

Within a couple of hours after posting the Let it snow Video on YouTube. The let it snow video received 5 000 visitors within a couple of hours since we launched the video.


Let it Snow: Santa Christmas card is HOT from Gmail

We have also reported regularly on the other things that Google were doing this Christmas season to bring the Christmas spirit to the internet. One such feature that followed right after the “Let it Snow” search feature included the Send a Call From Santa Christmas Card that you could send from the “Call a Santa site” – This service are powered by Gmail and allows visitors to the site to send a Custom Google Santa Christmas card to their friends and loved ones!

Let it snow Christmas Card

Let it snow Christmas Card

Forget Let it Snow check out the Happy Holidays logo from Google

On the 23rd Google Launched their latest Google Doodle the “Happy Holidays” Google Logo, wishing the whole world “Happy Holidays”. There were some sort of glitch in the system and we here on 3D Car Shows reported on the Happy Holidays Google Doodle well before many people could see the “Happy Holidays” Google Doodle for themselves.

The let it Snow, snow storm spreads to YouTube

Also on the 23rd of December we were lucky enough to be one of the first websites to discover the Let it Snow feature on YouTube. The let it snow feature spread like a wild snow storm over the internet with many people going to YouTube to look for the “Let it Snow” button in the Videos.

For us here at 3D Car Shows, working over the Christmas period it were fun to report on the “let it snow” phenomenon that spread over the internet.

Happy Holidays and enjoy!

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