Let it Snow: Old News check out the Gmail Santa Christmas Card from Google


    Let it Snow: Old News check out the Gmail Santa Christmas Card from Google

    Gmail Santa Christmas Card

    If this is the first time you search for the Google “let it snow” feature in Google Search. There is even a bigger surprise and gift from Google this Christmas Season.

    Google have been very active with their social media arm of their Business this past year. Google first introduced Google+ Profiles earlier this year and about 2 months ago launched their Google+ Business Pages.

    Check out the

    Breaking News: Google Let it Snow teaser check out the Google Gmail Send a Santa Card


    It seems like this year have been a Google year. The Google Santa Christmas Card is also available on Google+ Pages.

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    The Google Santa Christmas Card Video Preview with the “let it snow” lyrics.


    Google gives back this Holiday Season with the Let it Snow surprise.

    To make things more interesting this Holiday Season Google has hidden some gems on the internet for people who search for Christmas and Season related stuff this Christmas. First the introduced us to the “let it snow” feature earlier this week, where your screen frozen up when you type “let it snow” in Google. Check out the Let it snow, let it snow; let it snow article we have written earlier this week to learn more about the

    Let it snow

    feature and surprise in Google.

    Google Santa Christmas Card Feature powered by Gmail:

    Earlier today we discovered one of the biggest surprises from Google this Christmas. Google have teamed up with the “sendacallfromsanta.com” site offering visitors to the site the opportunity to “Send a Call From Santa” to their friends, family and loved ones. Unlike the Google Let it Snow feature. The Send a Call from Santa site is a small application that you can use to send your friends, family and loved ones a Video Santa Christmas Card.

    Google Santa Christmas card similar to the Elf-Yourself concept

    A couple of years ago on of the big hits on the internet over the Christmas period were the Elf-Yourself application. In the Elf Yourself application you could add a photo of yourself and the Elf Yourself application will super impose your face onto an Elf body. The elf would do some crazy dance moves. Wishing your friends, family and loved one’s Season greetings!

    The Elf-Yourself application were free to use previous years, but now they seem to have introduced an option where you actually have to pay for your Elf Yourself Christmas card! It seems that there is no Free Elf Yourself Christmas Cards anymore.

    Perfect time to introduce high Quality Free Santa Christmas Cards

    Google could not have been more spot-on to introduce their Google Santa Christmas Card this year. People all over the world are seeing the signs of another economical recession and are cautious where and how, and how much they are spending this Christmas on gifts.

    The Google Santa Christmas Cards are free to send to YouTube and Google+. The Call a Santa Christmas Card Telephone message is free for people staying in the United States of America and in Canada. With low tariffs available for people that want to send the Santa phone call! “You do not need to send a telephone call to send the Google Santa Christmas Card. The YouTube and Google+ feature is 100% free.

    Send your loved ones the Google Santa Christmas Card today!

    Customize your Google Santa Christmas Card

    The Google Santa Christmas Card can be customized. The application provides you with various choices that you need to fill in when designing your custom Santa Christmas Card.

    The choices that you make when filling in the information into the Call a Santa Christmas Card application determines the video that your loved ones will receive! Earlier today when the Google Santa Christmas Card were still breaking news we have created a short video to show people how to create their own Custom Google Santa Christmas Card. You can watch the Santa Christmas Card video on YouTube by clicking on the Santa Christmas Card link.

    We have also created a page to show you the steps needed to create your own custom Christmas card. Read our short tutorial on the Google Santa Christmas Card.

    Google Christmas Lights and Decorations:

    Another Cool surprise Google have in their search results this year is the Christmas Lights and Christmas Decorations on some of their search results when you search for holiday related search terms. If you search for “Christmas” in google you will be able to see the Christmas Lights and Christmas Decorations. You can read more about it at

    Christmas Lights and Let it Snow on Google this Xmas

    Read more about Let it snow: