Let it Snow not working


    If you heard about the let it snow feature on Google but haven’t seen it yet. It may mean that you are using internet explorer and not Firefox or Google Chrome.

    At first when we discovered the “let it snow” feature on Google I could not understand how millions have reported seeing the Google “Let it snow” feature but I were not able to see the “Let it Snow” feature.

    I have been using Internet Explorer almost from the beginning. I think the only other browser I have really used as a primary browser was the old Netscape browser. I have Firefox and Google Chrome installed on my Computer but rarely use these browsers as a primary browser.

    After struggling for some time to get the “let it snow” feature to work in Internet Explorer. I thought maybe I should try Google Chrome. Afterall it is Google who have created the “let it snow” effect there might be a good chance that it will only work in Google Chrome. As soon as I have opened the Let it snow search in Google Chrome it worked. No problems no hassle!

    Just to make sure it is a Internet Explorer only problem. I opened the let it snow feature in Firefox, again the Let it Snow feature started working without any problems in Firefox.

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