Let it snow not working for many people


    At first when we tried out the “let it snow” feature in Google nothing happened. We have browsed the screen to see if the “let it snow” feature would start. Nothing happened and there were no snow falling down.

    We then thought that maybe the let it snow feature works like a screensaver and we would need to wait for a timer to kick in before the Let it snow function will start working. Still nothing happened and the let it snow function did not work.

    Then it occurred to me that the “let it snow” feature never existed and that it were a hoax!

    Just as I wanted to give up, I thought that it might be a good idea to try out the “let it snow” feature in another browser.

    Google Chrome: Let it Snow

    I then opened Google Chrome and typed in the “let it snow” words into the Google Search Bar. Immediately the “let it snow” function started. Some small snowflakes started falling onto my search results. Then the window started frosting up and my visibility of the search results started to disappear until you can almost not see the Google search results anymore.

    (If you cannot see the let it snow feature and you have Google Chrome installed try to use Google Chrome)

    Firefox: Let it Snow

    I also tested the let it snow feature in Firefox 9.0 and it worked 100% when I typed in “let it snow” no problems and it worked exactly the same as in Google Chrome.

    Let it snow may not be working because you are using Internet Explorer.

    Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome might look the same to the average user. The fact is that there is some fundamental differences which they use to interpret code that makes up a website. Internet Explorer is an excellent browser but do not conform well to standards, where Firefox and Google Chrome offers more standardized code conformance.  In HTML 5 more Features works in FireFox and Google Chrome and more people will start using these browsers if Internet Explorer does not become more standard with their code.

    We recommend Firefox and Google Chrome if you want to view the “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it snow” feature.

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