Let it snow! MINI


let it snowLet it snow! MINI supports the Burton European Open for the second year. MINI presents its Creative Use of Space Award to the most creative snowboarders and shape crews.

Munich/Laax. From 25 February to 3 March 2012 the  best snowboarders on the planet will meet up for the 13th time at the  Burton European Open (BEO) in the Swiss resort of Laax. MINI has been  a partner of the snowboard event, part of the Burton Global Open  Series (BGOS), since the 2010/2011 season – something  experienced pro rider and MINI fan Marko Grilc (28) from Slovenia is  particularly happy about: “Creativity and the freedom to express  yourself is what snowboarding is all about – and it’s the  same for MINI.

That’s why the two go so well together.”  The four-times junior champion and winner of the Air & Style 2009  competition in Innsbruck can’t wait for the action to get  underway in Laax: “This will be a home competition for me and  the European snowboarding scene,” he adds.

Creative Use of Space Award with prize money of 65,000 US dollars.

For the second year running the riders will get the chance to take  home MINI’s Creative Use of Space Award.  MINI presents the award to the male and female riders who nail the  most innovative and progressive tricks in the halfpipe and slopestyle  competitions at BGOS Open events (Canadian Open, Burton European Open  & US Open). And under a new scoring system, creative performances  also boost the riders’ points totals in the BGOS standings. Each  Creative Use of Space Award is endowed with 5,000 US dollars and the  winners are earning additional 25 extra points to add to their totals.  For finalists, this can mean moving up a place or more in the BGOS standings.

Creative Use of Space Award also presented to shape crews for    the first time.

This year, the shape crews sculpting the slopestyle courses at each  of the four event venues also enjoy recognition of their work. MINI  pitches in to help the crews design an obstacle bearing the  brand’s signature – and this is integrated into the  slopestyle course as a set feature. A jury made up of snowboarding  veterans, professionals and media experts will vote on the most  creative course execution at the end of the BGOS season. So, as well  as playing an active role in how the competitions unfold, the shape  crews now also have the chance to earn 5,000 US dollars in prize money.

The MINI Creative Use of Space Award 2012 got off to a flying start  at the Burton Canadian Open, which took place from 30 January to 5  February in Calgary. Next up are the Burton European Open in Laax and  the Burton US Open (5 – 11 March) in Stratton. The BGOS female  and male overall winners for 2011/2012 will each be presented with a  MINI Countryman. MINI also supplies BGOS with the MINI Countryman for  its competitor and VIP shuttle service.

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