Let it Snow? It is On Google, But Maybe Not Here


    We did not have a white Christmas today. In South Africa it was a sunshine day as all Christmas day and we had a wonderful time swimming and basking in the sun. We also had a nice Christmas Meal with all our Friends and Family.

    Let it Snow

    I told them about the let it snow, let it snow, let it snow feature on Google and although we did not have snow here in Johannesburg, South Africa we at least had the Google Let it snow effect. Being a Techie I were of course the only one in the family that have seen the “Let it Snow” effect on Google and shared it with them with some self satisfaction.

    Hopefully we will have the opportunity to the visit the family again next year in Omaha, Nebraska in the USA and have the opportunity to have a white Christmas in the USA.

    In many other Countries in the Southern Hemisphere it was also a sunny day with people enjoying the sunshine and swimming this Christmas day. It is also reported that some places in the Northern Hemisphere also did not have a White Christmas morning despite all the calls on the internet for it to snow!

    Maybe next year we will have a White Christmas, but for now millions of people are still searching for the “let it snow, Let it snow, let it snow” phenomenon on Google!