Let it Snow Google


    The let it snow feature on Google is still available for those people that have missed it. The Google let it snow feature attracted millions of people over the holiday season to the Google Search results for let it snow.


    To activate the feature and to see for yourself how the snow falls onto the Google Search results you simply need to type “let it snow” into your Google Search results and the snow will start falling.

    We are in the Southern Hemisphere and although the chances of getting snow here at this time of year is less than zero. We appreciated the let it snow feature from Google and it were nice singing along to the “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” lyrics this Christmas season, after all the let it snow is a classic Christmas song with a very addicting tune and words to it.

    We thoroughly enjoyed the Google “let it snow” feature and believe that millions of people tuned into the song after activating the Google “Let it snow” feature.

    Here in Johannesburg South Africa we did not get it to snow for real, and for once the weather services were right not predicting snow for this year.

    Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let it Rain.

    Instead of getting a white Christmas after hoping and wishing for one after we got addicted to the let it snow campaign which Google ran over the Christmas period, we ended up with rain on Christmas day. Although Christmas in South Africa is usually a Sunny day, we did get rain. We here at 3D Car Shows believe that snow were impossible to get, but the closest thing to snow we could have gotten where rain.

    How long will the let it snow feature be active on Google

    We are still monitoring the Google Let it Snow feature on Google, checking it every second hour to see if the let it snow feature is still active on Google. At this stage it is an open question as to how long Google are going to have the “let it snow” feature on their search results. My only guess is that there are still thousands of people searching for the let it snow feature on Google. Once search traffic for the search term “let it snow” goes back to normal, my guess is that Google will pull the plug on the Google let it snow feature.

    If you cannot see the let it snow feature it is likely that you are using Internet Explorer to browse for it. Instead try Firefox or Google Chrome. The let it snow feature works perfectly in both these browsers!