Let it Snow, Christmas, Santa and Now Happy Holidays


    Let it SnowWhat a sleigh ride it has been since the beginning of this week. Since Monday the 18th Google have rolled out one surprise after the other to bring joy and happiness to Explorers from all over the world!

    Since Monday the hunt were on to find and view and read more about the Tricks Google were playing with all its Christmas Lights, Christmas Decorations and Santa Searches. The “let it snow” feature that played with people’s emotions, subconscious and dreams when it filled our Browsers with the “let it snow” snowflakes.

    Subconsciously for me the search results for “let it snow” quickly turned out to be a beautiful landscape outside my window.

    I hallucinated that I woke up early morning on the 25th of December morning. A little hazed I opened my curtains which were drawn from the previous night. I suddenly remember my previous night’s dream. I were dreaming of the song let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

    My eyes starts to focus and the world’s let it snow, let it snow; let it snow returns to my head. That song let it snow are beautiful but at the same time so addicting and kept playing in my head this whole week.

    My eyes start to focus. Suddenly everything is quite. Very, very quiet, then I see it, it is white outside, and the landscape is white filled with snow outside it has turned into a winter wonderland. It is now official Christmas; what’s more it is a Traditional white Christmas for us here in the States!

    Then I start to focus again slowly getting away from my dream world, and see my computer screen frosted up. An Ugly Blue button stared me in the face with the Ugly words “Defrost”.

    The “let it snow” button is a dream crusher, when I press it, it brings me back to reality! I check outside and it still has not snowed yet. It is also not yet Christmas. It is the 24th of December. Tonight we will celebrate Christmas Eve with friends and family. The let it snow. Let it snow, let it snow song returns to my head.

    For many people the Google Let it snow feature were not just someone at Google whom have created code, to look like snow. Many people did not see the snow flocks as code and fonts cleverly using JavaScript and many people did not care that the Defrost button were a simple form submit.

    For many people their Holiday Season started when Google started playing these tricks, hanging their Google Christmas Lights on the Searches for “Charismas, Santa, and Christmas Cards” and all the other places we discovered as the week went by!

    The let it snow Google Trick made many people relax for the first time this Holiday Season. Christmas has become a rush to run to the mall being stampeded by other people doing their Christmas Shopping. I know some people skipping online shopping and braving the Christmas Craze and Stamped just to listen to Christmas Carols in the shops.

    These same people here in our offices could not even go and do their online shopping. They are all out today to do their last minute shopping. The Let it Snow tricks and other Google Features, Christmas Lights and Decorations have all kept them glued in front of their computers, each wishing and dreaming, to discover the next Google Christmas Trick. In the mean time we were playing Christmas Carols in the offices hoping and dreaming that we will have a White Christmas.

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!