Let it Snow Breaking News, it is now on YouTube


    Breaking News for Google: Happy Holidays

    Earlier this week the

    “Let it Snow”

    feature on Google Search had many people talking about the snowflakes that one could see on the Google page if your searched for “let it snow”. Today Google

    Gmail launched the Google Santa Christmas Card.

     This allows people to send their loved ones a Free Customized Christmas Card from Google.

    Then minutes ago YouTube also jumped on the band wagon and added a new button at the Bottom of the YouTube player. This “Let it Snow” button will let it snow on your YouTube video!

    YouTube let it snow

    This button allows you to turn on the “let it snow” feature on the YouTube video that you are watching. Instead of sending snowflakes over your screen and freezing up your window.

    The YouTube let it snow feature plays within the video itself!

    YouTube let it snow button is not working.

    It is still early days and difficult to say exactly how the YouTube snow button works. At the time I wrote this article the Google Snow Button have not yet appeared on my Google Account. After writing this Breaking news about the YouTube let it snow button, I will do some more research to see if there is actually a setting that one needs to enable to show the “Let it Snow” Button in the YouTube player.

    I can confirm though that unlike the original “Let it Snow” surprise we had earlier this week from Google. That the Let it Snow YouTube button works in Internet Explorer 9, Firefox and in Google Chrome.

    Another Reason why the YouTube let it Snow button may not be working.

    I haven’t had time to test the theory yet. But it just occurred to me the YouTube let it snow button may not be showing up on the 3D Car Shows videos yet because it is still waiting to get the updates populated over all the systems that handles different YouTube accounts. It might be the same as a Facebook page update. Usually people who have first registered their Facebook accounts receive the updates to the Facebook page first, and those late registrations will have to wait almost a week before their Facebook pages are updated to the latest Facebook design.

    If my theory is correct I believe that YouTube is much faster than Facebook with this sort of stuff and visitors to the 3D Car Shows Video Channel will be able to let the 3D Car Shows videos snow within the next hour.

    You can check out our 3D Car Shows video channel and maybe let us know if you can see the “Let it Snow” button on the videos.

    Add the Google Let it Snow and YouTube Let it snow feature to your Company website:

    If you are a website owner why not join in on the Let it Snow phenomenon that is spreading across the internet world like a storm! – To integrate the let it snow option into your website is a relatively easy process. You can read our article on for more information on how to implement the Let it snow feature on your own website.

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