LEAP YEAR VALENTINE’s DAY will you Propose


Putting the (Chevy) Spark into Your Romance

  • Chevrolet survey shows women will propose on February 29
  • Chevrolet launches pink Spark city car on Valentine’s Day

Zurich. February 29 is around the corner and Valentine’s Day is the day couples express their love for each other in many ways. But while chocolates, flowers or champagne may say “I love you”, the most assured way to get a “Yes!” when proposing to your man is through his mum or his teammates.

valentine's day

A survey by Chevrolet in the U.K. on what puts the spark into a relationship has revealed that an astonishing 32 percent – a third – of women quizzed would propose to their man on February 29 BECAUSE it is a leap year, a U.K. tradition.

Chevrolet is also helping romantic couples make it a moment to remember with advice on where men want their partner to propose and how to do it.

While many of us will be fretting over restaurant reservations and remembering to order flowers for that special day – or night – 32 percent questioned by Chevrolet said they would prefer to be proposed to on holiday.

“Every romance begins with a spark and the survey results prove that like Chevrolet’s Spark mini car, modern romances are challenging conventions and changing ‘the rules’,” says Eric Wepierre, Chevrolet Europe’s Director of Brand and Marketing.

Mum’s the word!

But while he may be your man, Chevrolet has discovered that the way to his heart is through his mum as over a third (35 percent) insist on their girlfriend ask for mum’s permission before proposing, which might also explain why they are still unmarried.

When asked why they will be proposing, astonishingly, more than half (51 percent) of women aged between 25 and 44 said the main reason was because their man would never get round to doing it.

The survey – celebrating the launch of the limited-edition Chevrolet Spark pink on Valentine’s Day – discovered that half of all men asked for their hand in marriage will say “yes” and mean it, while six percent will say “yes” because they simply don’t know how to say “no” – 14 percent said they’d run a mile!

The survey, of more than 1,000 adults also revealed a surprising statistic: If you want to get your man’s attention, follow his football team. Fifteen percent would like their partner to “pop the question” at a football match or any sporting event. It also found that one in 10 would prefer to be proposed to over a drink in a bar.

Crazy for you

Young couples under 25 (56 percent) say flirting and teasing with each other is guaranteed to light the spark in any relationship on Valentine’s Day, with 44 percent overall suggesting that petting and romantic gestures were more important. In contrast, just five percent of couples over 50 place any emphasis on romance or flirting.

When asked what puts the spark into a relationship, 70 percent are just pleased to be able to enjoy being in the company of a loved one (74 percent of men, 67 percent of women) while just one in 10 men quizzed say romantic gestures put the spark into their relationship, compared to 17 percent of women.

“Our survey has confirmed that deep down, we are true romantics at heart – all year round – and that all you need is love to make that spark come alive. Chevrolet is helping and encouraging everyone to make the most of every opportunity that presents itself on Valentine’s Day – or February 29 – with a loved one,” concludes Eric Wepierre.

About Chevrolet

Chevrolet is General Motors’ largest global brand with annual sales of more than four million vehicles in more than 140 countries. It is the fourth biggest global car brand in terms of sales and also one of the fastest growing brands in the world. Chevrolet cars combine bold design, performance, innovation and practicality.

They provide outstanding value for money. Established in the U.S. by Swiss émigré Louis Chevrolet in 1911, the brand celebrated its centenary in 2011. The brand was re-launched in Europe in 2005. It is represented with a total of 2,500 sales and service outlets in Western and Central Europe. The European Chevrolet line-up includes the Spark city car, the small Aveo sedan and hatchback, the compact Cruze sedan and hatchback, the Orlando family van, the Captiva SUV, the legendary Camaro and Corvette sports cars and the extended-range Volt electric car. In 2012, Chevrolet is launching the Cruze station wagon and the Malibu mid-size sedan.