Latest News on Let it Snow – Many people turn to Google Let it Snow


    If you typed “let it snow” into your Google Search Engine this past few days you would have been in for a surprise as without warning snow would have started falling all over your computer screen.

    This were one of the latest treats that Google have created and planned for Christmas this year. In fact Google have created several of these Search Engine Jewels and Surprises to spice up Christmas and to bring some of the Christmas spirit online.

    Since the Frank Sinatra originally sang the song years ago, and several well known artists followed in his shoes singing the song, I believe that the song have over the last few days received more interest than when the song were top of the charts. Literally millions of people who would have never been interested in the song have searched for the let it snow song, and search term on Google this Christmas.

    Even now while we are not having a White Christmas here despite our cries and pleas this whole week for it to snow, it did not snow and we were left with a rather sunshine Christmas day. We and many other people have once again started searching for the let it snow Google Feature.

    In our case the reason why I searched again today for the let it snow song, where simply to show my family who have traveled to come and visit the Google “let it snow” feature. This year Google have even managed to take the “let it snow” campaign which they have created to dinner tables all over the world as people Celebrated Christmas and as part of the conversation talked about the Google “let it snow” campaign.

    The Google Snow effect is triggered in Firefox and Google Chrome if you type in the search “let it snow” in the search box. After you have typed in the words let it snow, a snow storm will start on your screen and your search results will become a landscape filled with snow. The snow will continue to fall until you screen are completely filled with snow!

    Your computer screen will then freezes up from the cold of the snow, and you will be able to use your mouse to scrape away some of the snow on your screen. If you want to you can use the ice scraper to write some words on your screen. Some people have used this to write special Christmas messages for their friends and loved ones on the screen.

    They have then taken a screenshot of the “let it snow” Google feature and then uploaded the let it snow screenshot to their Facebook and Google+ pages, or simply emailing their friends with the screenshot telling them about the cool feature on Google.

    All this hype surrounding the “let it snow Google” feature helped making the Google Let it snow go viral within a few hours of the launch of the let it snow campaign.