Large Order for 200 Volvo FH Trucks From Hungarian Customer


Volvo Hungária Ltd. has concluded a contract for the delivery of 200 units of Volvo FH trucks to the major Hungarian transport and logistics company Waberer’s International Inc., formerly known as Hungarocamion.

Volvo Trucks Sales

Waberer’s International is the biggest customer for Volvo Hungária Ltd., with a history of co-operation between the two companies lasting for over 15 years.

The trucks, all equipped with the efficient and low emission EEV engines will be delivered over a 4-month period, starting in May this year.

Mr György Wáberer, Chairman and CEO of Waberer’s International Inc., regards the contract as the natural continuation of the excellent co-operation between the two companies. “Traditionally about half of our fleet consisting of 2,500 vehicles are the reliable Volvo trucks, supporting our transportation activity to various destinations,” he says.

Being one of the leading participants on the road transportation market of the European Union, the company chose Volvo again because of the high quality, reliability, driving safety and low emissions offered by Volvo’s vehicles as well as the support and services provided by the Volvo Truck organisation.

“The long partnership between the two companies has long supported and secured success and growth for both companies on the market.” says David Illes, Managing Director of Volvo Hungaria Ltd.
He continues, “It feels satisfying to supply Waberer’s International Inc. with such high quality and reliable products and support services that have resulted in high customer satisfaction.”