Land Rover G4 Challenge: Preparing for a Bolivian Showdown


Gaydon, 17 May 2005:  The Land Rover Discovery 3 is being pushed to the limit by the Land Rover G4 Challenge recce team on the extreme and unforgiving terrain of Bolivia.  The route presents heat, humidity, cold and altitude – preparation for what lies ahead for competitors during the final stages of the global adventure competition, which will take place in May 2006.

The Discovery 3 will be the lead vehicle and trusted companion for competitors as they journey from the steamy tropical lowlands of Bolivia up into the Andes, some five kilometers above sea level, for the Challenge final.  “We are encountering some really extreme environments in the Discovery 3 and it has responded well to every situation so far” said Rickard Beckman, recce team leader and competitions manager.

“In mountainous areas we are encountering flash floods but the Discovery 3 stands firm.  Our route has also taken us on the so-called ‘Death Road’ that runs from the capital, La Paz, to the lowlands, where you’re running over some of the roughest road surfaces imaginable, through waterfalls and all the while looking down at drops of up to 1,000m just inches away.  It is vital to have confidence in the vehicle.”

That confidence has been bred from the breadth of capabilities engineered into the Discovery 3, which will tackle Bolivia in near-showroom specification.  “The Discovery 3 is a welcome addition to our proven fleet of Defenders.”  Beckman added  “Anywhere that the Defender goes, the Discovery 3 has been right there too, with the addition of the impressive new technology, such as the Terrain Response”.

The Challenge recce team is a tough audience to impress.  Their job is to tackle the entire event many times over in order to ensure that the competition is a true test of man and machine. The success, spectacle and safety of the 2006 Challenge are at stake on each trip that Beckman and the team are making to all of the locations across Southeast Asia and South America.

By the time that the 18 international competitors on the 2006 Challenge reach Bolivia they will have journeyed from the streets of Bangkok, through Laos ‘the jewel of the Mekong’ in the new Range Rover Sport, and undertaken the urban challenges in Rio de Janeiro with the Land Rover Freelander.  Bolivia offers the competitors – and the Land Rover Discovery 3 – the ultimate challenge.

“When we get to Bolivia the pressure will really be on and the conditions will be really tough, but no matter whether they are driving in the Andes or kayaking in the valleys, the Discovery 3 will get our competitors through to the end comfortably and confidently.” said Beckman.

Prospective entrants wishing to join the 2006 Land Rover G4 Challenge can apply at