Land Rover Experience – Kyalami Tops the Rest



  • Land Rover Experience Kyalami recognised as the best in the world.
  • Land Rover Experience centres remain unique in SA as the only off-road instruction centres with internationally accredited instructors.

land rover experience

Sean Renton and his team at Land Rover Experience Kyalami have been recognised by the Land Rover Global Conformance and Training Team as the best in the world. The accolade – awarded for the first time this year ahead of the Range Rover launch in Morocco – will become an annual award based on a transparent set of stringent criteria.

South African Land Rover Experiences remain unique in the market as the only off-road instruction centres to offer internationally accredited instructors. The global Land Rover Experience programme runs to stringent standards that include annual visits to each of them to validate skills, facilities and train the trainers.

Land Rover offered free training to SUV drivers earlier this year as part of a campaign to improve the driving skills of 4×4 drivers on our roads. The half-day driving courses were designed to educate drivers on the specific characteristics of 4×4 SUVs and the techniques required in order to ensure a safe driving experience. The training also ensures that drivers are able to use their vehicles to their maximum potential when the situation demands, whether on- or off-road.

Mastering the art of driving a 4×4 SUV can be challenging if you haven’t received the correct training. The on-road handling characteristics of a 4×4 SUV differ from those of a normal passenger car, while off-road excursions offer many daunting obstacles that can be easily overcome with the right driving techniques.

Land Rover Experiences are based at Kyalami, Gerotek (Pretoria East), Inchanga (Kwa-Zulu Natal) and in the Western Cape (Stellenbosch). Visit for more information or to book a driving experience.