Land Rover Dispatch 80 – Drenched to the bone


Land Rover Dispatch 80 – Drenched to the bone

Land Rover Expedition

Just south of the equator near the foot hills of theRuwenzori’s a Cessna caravan bounces down the dangerously wet grass air strip. Out steps Lesley Sutton who is the media and PR person for Land Rover, she is a veteran of many expeditions and with her are a team of colourful journalists will leave with stories of our Great Rift adventure.

That night to the grunting of hippo, the heavens open and the equatorial rain drums down on the fly sheets of our small expedition tents, pitched above the Kazinga Channel that links the Rift Valley Lakes George and Edward inUganda’s game-rich Queen Elizabeth Park. Drenched to the bone we keep our spirits up with raised enamel mugs of renoster koffie – cheers.

Land Rover Dispatch 81 – Gorillas in the Mist

Flooding plays havoc, roads washed away and bridges gone but the ability of the expedition Landies allows us to zigzag along the Rift Valley escarpment to the world heritage site of the impenetrableforestofBwindi. The Zen of Travel is with us and the team has incredible mountain gorilla sightings.

It’s a unique privilege to gaze into the soft brown eyes of a silver back. Then it’s back down into the Rift where a team of volunteers are coming in for more humanitarian work – will keep you posted.