Land Rover Dispatch 51 – In the footsteps of Count Teleki


Greetings from the rich cultural mosaic that forms the ‘badlands’ ofEthiopia’sSouth Omoregion. It’s a wild, untamed, rugged area ofAfrica’s Rift Valley made up of some 30 distinct ethno-linguistic groupings, several of which number fewer than 1000 people. Inter tribal fighting and cattle wars are common place. ‘You can buy an AK47 for two head of cattle, the guns are smuggled across fromSouth Sudan’, says Adi.

Land Rover Expedition Africa

With an armed Hamer tribal policemen as a guide, we’re attempting to follow an overgrown bush track to Lake Chew Bahir (OceanofSalt), first discovered by the explorer Count Teleki in 1888. As always there’s that delightful feeling of the unknown and the challenge of battling to reach another iconic geographical place on the floor of Africa’sGreat Rift Valley. Out here were 100% dependant on the reliability of our Landies. No Discovery 4’s have ever attempted this remote parts before. Together with the big 130 Defender they don’t miss a beat. We’ll keep you posted.

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