Lamborghini 360° Video at the Geneva Motor Show


The 87th Geneva Motor Show have come and gone and is now something of the past. We here at 3D Car Shows usually provide extensive news coverage on the Geneva Motor Show, and publish regular news about the Geneva Motor Show as we get it from automotive manufactures. This year however due to circumstances beyond our control, we did not cover any news on the 87th Annual Geneva Motor Show.

Today I cruised the internet, to search for information on the 87th Geneva Motor Show, to get up to date with all the latest cars that was launched at this years Geneva Motor Show.

It is then that I stumbled upon one of the most awesome finds for me from the show (I am a big Automotive enthusiast) and love auto shows especially international automotive shows.


Brian Cooley tours the Lamborghini stand at the International Motor Show in Geneva and shows you a 360-degree view of the belle of the ball, the Centenario.

This 360° video with the commentary from Brian Cooley is pretty good, combined with a Virtual Reality headset makes it an awesome experience to view the auto show specifically the Lamborghini stand as if you were there.

The Lamborghini 360° Video

In this short virtual reality video you are transported back into time to the 87th Geneva Motor Show. The cool thing is that if you are using a VR Headset it is literally a time travel back to history experience. This is awesome, we at car shows love it!

Experience the Lamborghini 360° video the way it is meant to be experienced

For the ultimate experience of the Lamborghini 360° video from the 87th Geneva Motor Show, you need to watch it using a virtual reality headset. The virtual reality headset uses a smartphone as the computer driving the VR. With the headset you can turn your head left or right, up or down, and experience the cars as if you were there.

The virtual reality headset, also enlarges the cars and the cars appear to be the same size as if you were actually standing infront of the cars.

If you haven’t got a VR headset yet check out the Google Cardboard headset or the plastic virtual reality headset featured in the images above. You can purchase this headsets on our 3D Photographers partner site.