Labour Day Google Doodle


Today if you visit the Google Homepage in countries that celebrate Labour Day on the 1st of May 2013 you will get to see the Labour Day Google Doodle. The Labour Day Google Doodle is designed in the usual Google colors although the colors are less bright. In the Google Doodle there is a woman sitting in front of her computer and I hope that she is not working since it is International Workers Day.

Labour Day

At the top of the “G” there is a tree growing out of it and it looks like someone is enjoying Labour Day to do some gardening work. On the firs “O” there is a guy painting it presumably it symbolize people taking Labour Day to do some home renovations and touching up on stuff at home which they usually do not have time for during the week.

On the second “G” there is a ladder running down the “G” and initially I could not guess what this meant. I guess that the helicopter symbolizes emergency services and essential services that do need to work on Labour Day like doctors, ambulance and rescue workers.

The “L” looks like it is half complete, and no one is working on it and my guess is that it is because of Labour Day. Looking at the “E” I could not really decide what it is about, but it looks like a woman working with a wrench. On the “E” there is also a satellite dish, and I guess it represents millions of people around the world, who will be watching Television today, or spent time on the internet relaxing.

What is Labour Day About?

The day was designed to give workers a compulsory day off from work each day, to say thank you for their contributions towards the company that they work for. In the current financial environment many people are not taking off on

Labour Day

and choose to work because of financial reasons.

If you are celebrating Labour Day today, I hope that you have a wonderful stress free day today, and if you are working in the emergency or essential Industries I would like to say thank you for keeping everything running smoothly!