Labour Day 2013 – International Workers Day – Google Doodle


In true Google Tradition for Labour Day Google have once again on the 1st of May 2013 brighten up their homepage with a Labour Day Google Doodle.  The idea behind Labour Day is to celebrate the achievements and accomplishments workers have achieved during the year. The purpose of the day is for employees to recognize the work that their laborers (Employees) have done in the past year to contribute to the employer’s success.

Labour Day 2013

As a reward the employer gives his employee the day off as a reward for his commitment to the employer. Labour Day have its roots in the United States in the Labour Union Movement which have the believe that employees work best when they have a balanced lifestyle, to achieve this they like to divide the day into three eight hours segments. For an employee to be balanced, they should work eight hours, use eight hours for recreation and to sleep for eight hours.

International Workers Day

In many countries around the world Labour Day is not celebrated on the 1st of May and falls into different months. In Australia Labour Day or Workers Day is celebrated in the first Monday in October and in Canada in December.

Many countries celebrate Labour Day as International Workers Day which is in essence the same as Labour Day. International Workers Day is celebrated in 80 different countries around the world. Luckily for me it is also International Workers Day tomorrow in South Africa and I will not be working!

Labour Day Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle for Labour Day looks interesting with various cartoon characters doing what looks like odd jobs on the Google Doodle. Interestingly my perception of the Google Doodle is that people may not officially be working today, but they will still be doing some chores and work at home.

Google have a long history of Labour Day and International Workers Day Google Doodles, and it is good to see that they are continuing with their Labour Day Google Doodles, to make the world aware that it is International Workers Day and the day is meant for workers to relax!

For me it is also an indication that employees respect their workers by giving them the day off.

International Workers Day

“Google Doodle Labour Day 2012”

Labour Day Protests

In recent years, people have also used International Workers Day and Labour Day to protest against unfair labour practices and it is likely that you may see people protesting these today! Many Labour Organizations and parties also use the day to meet with workers and talk about labour practices and issues.