Kyalami Historic Racing


    This past weekend the Kyalami Historic Race took place at the Kyalami racetrack in Johannesburg South Africa and Lionel Gafney went to the race to bring us some photographs from the race.

    Kyalami Historical Racing

    “Classic Porsche at the Kyalami Historic Race at the Kyalami Race track in Johannesburg South Africa” Photograph by Lionel Gafney

    Photographs from the Kyalami Historical Race

    Here are some photographs that I took at the Historic Kyalami Race on the  18th of March 2013.

    “Went to the races at Kyalami was excellent! It was very busy and the public could get access to the pits! The race field was full of different historic cars which was good to see and to see that the public enjoy this style of racing!! I’d definitely go to it again.” – Lionel Gafney

    Classic Car Racing

    Red Number 62 at the Kyalami Race Track

    Kyalami Racing

    Number 31 leaving the Pitts at the Kyalami Race Track

    Racing Kyalami

    The Black Widow (57) on the Kyalami Race track

    Racing Kyalami Classics

    Classic Mini at the Historic Kyalami Race Track