Road Safety Week is fast approaching and Kia Motors UK is leading the way in road safety awareness with its Walking Bus Scheme.

The Kia Walking Bus, promotes a safer and healthier method of getting to school as opposed to the more common ‘lift’ in the family car. Kia has over 15,000 children now walking to school as part of the scheme.

Road Safety Awareness

Stephen Kitson, Communications Director at Kia said, “We are delighted to be able to offer a scheme that not only encourages a healthier lifestyle, but also prioritises road safety for children from such a young age.”

According to the Department for Transport, children are more likely to die in a road collision than from any other accidental cause, making road safety during the busy school run more important than ever.

Road Safety Week, 21 to 27 November 2011, was set-up in 1997 by Brake, a charity whose aim is to combat high accident rates, on roads across the country.

A Brake spokesperson said, “We are delighted that Kia Motors is supporting Road Safety Week with its Walking Bus scheme.

“Having the support of organisations such as Kia Motors and their supporting dealerships, is crucial in securing the success of the week, and cascading key road safety messages across the UK.”