KIA Sportage 2.0 AWD and Little Miss Mission Impossible


“Ask me why I chose and love my Kia and I will reply with ease… because she is as good as she looks!”

Little Miss Mission Impossible

“Pamela Buckle and her KIA –

Considering I’m an outdoor, dynamic, inspirational and enthusiastic womanly individual always in search of an adventure, I needed a reliable vehicle to help me reach my ‘water tower’ list of destinations. The chosen 4X wheeled mechanical mechanism would accompany me on my adventures and would become my partner in locating the hidden treasures of our beautiful country.

I did some test driving with various vehicles and yet I kept going back to my first love, the Kia Sportage. (Note to Men: Women tend to ‘browse’ with car shopping as well) Something drew me in like a paper clip to a magnet! I imagined a world of driving and not getting lost with her advanced Sat Nav, “speaking words of wisdom” and navigating me through the city wilderness. A world where all the rewards of a SUV are packaged into a confident vehicle that boldly makes a statement wherever her tyres tread.

I felt secure and equipped with her advanced modern functionality, ready to explore with loads of interior space to transport all my necessary outdoor gear. Who wouldn’t be thrilled with a dynamic SUV transportation unit that has a Rear View Mirror camera, is affordable and has rather low fuel consumption for such a large, courageous vehicle?

KIA Sportage

Ask me why I chose and love my Kia and I will reply with ease… “Because she is as good as she looks”!

I would like to proudly announce the birth of my new Kia Sportage 2.0 AWD CRDi. When I saw her standing there in that parking bay, our headlights and eyes met and it was love at first sight.

Driving her home, I became a protective mother, watching out for all the other misbehaved vehicles that may bring her harm. I did what most parents would do… try keep her navigated on a good path without hitting any potholes along the journey, guiding her with the help from “In-Su”(Korean for ‘preserving the wisdom’), my trusted navigational technological buddy.

In-Su and I have so much in common… we both speak incredibly fast and we both tend to finish our words halfway because of a potentially exciting conversation… tur lef in 300 met….sssssss…!

As I drove up my driveway towards her concreted nursery, I decided to park the silver goddess outside as I wasn’t yet comfortable driving the wide… ~ahem~… I mean larger than average vehicle into my garage with a pillar in the middle.

I gave her a kiss goodnight on her bonnet and contemplated the adventures we were going to have together!

I… Little Miss Mission Impossible, had the key to her heart.