The Dirt Trap Protection Systems from diversified technology company 3M has proved such a boon to a leading bodyshop group in the north of England during an initial trial that they are considering adopting it throughout the Group’s operations.

3M Dirt Trap Protection System

Karl Vella Group, which operates from premises in Skelmersdale, Southport, Barrow, and Preston, agreed to trial the new system following its launch last year.

The Dirt Trap Protection System from 3M, which takes around two hours per oven to install, has been designed to help bodyshops protect their paint booth investment by capturing dust, dirt and overspray. It also improves the bodyshop environment by providing a lighter setting for painting.

The range comprises 3M Dirt Trap Protection Material, a specially engineered, adhesive-backed white fabric to protect paint booth walls and floors, and 3M Dirt Trap Protection Film, an adhesive-backed clear sheet which protects lights and windows from overspray build-up.

Unlike clear masking films, the products require no taping or magnets and will last typically eight to 16 weeks before needing replacement, depending on the style of booth and type and frequency of paint job. It can be removed in just five minutes.

David Vella, operations director, Karl Vella Group, commented: “We trialled 3M Dirt Trap in six booths at our main bodyshop operation in Skelmersdale, including our new, state of the art ‘Express’ booths which are aimed at maximising vehicle throughput to meet customer demands.

“The trial was so successful that we are now planning to use it in additional paint spraying booths across our other sites.

“Previously we were using plastic sheets to protect the booths, but the sheets needed replacing monthly on average, whereas the Dirt Trap product needs replacement only every four months at most – and we have known it to last six months.

“This means our bodyshop team can spend more time on the serious business of spraying cars – and increasing their own bonuses – rather than removing old sheets and installing new ones. Dirt Trap doesn’t just make it easier to keep booths clean, it looks good too.”