Verwood, Dorset, 8th August 2012

Europe’s leading Renault tuning specialist K-Tec Racing is pleased to launch a new, warrantied engine performance upgrade for the latest, hottest version of the RenaultSport Megane, the 265 Trophy.

K-Tec Racing

Called ‘Performance Pack 1,’ K-Tec’s upgrade package reliably extracts even more performance from the Megane’s 2.0-litre, turbocharged 261 bhp F4Rt engine, offering a significant performance upgrade for the car at a highly competitive price.

The result of months of in-house development and testing on K-Tec’s own high-tech rolling road, the main component of the Performance Pack 1 is a power enhancing custom ECU remap, which includes full data logging of key engine parameters by K-Tec’s technicians and post installation road testing.

Evaluation by K-Tec Racing has also shown that the standard RenaultSport Megane 265 Trophy’s air filter becomes restrictive at these higher horsepower levels, so this is replaced by a performance panel element which offers both greater flow capacity and filtration qualities.

Dyno testing has proven that the K-Tec Racing Performance Pack 1 for the RenaultSport Megane 265 Trophy delivers usable, progressive power gains from 2000 rpm right up to the 6700 rpm limiter, with peak increase of up to 40 bhp at 6000 rpm. On the road this endows the Megane 265 Trophy with supercar style performance. No 0-60 mph data is yet available, but an improvement on the standard car’s 6.0 second figure and 158 mph top speed seems highly likely.

The K-Tec Racing Performance Pack 1 also produces significant extra torque throughout the rev range when compared to standard, an extra 60 lb.ft at just 2750 rpm transforms the in-gear acceleration of the 1387 kilo Megane 265 Trophy to deliver shattering, near-supercar levels of urge.

But the stunning additional performance from K-Tec Racing doesn’t come with a supercar pricetag. Priced at just £414.00 including installation, rolling road testing and VAT, the exciting K-Tec Racing Performance Pack 1 for the RenaultSport Megane 265 Trophy is available now.

For additional peace of mind, all of K-Tec Racing’s Performance Pack upgrades are now covered by a sector leading 12 month / 30,000 mile supplementary vehicle warranty.

The Performance Pack 1 ECU program is also available for use with K-Tec Racing’s innovative ‘Renflash’ ECU remapping tool, which allows users to store their standard ECU file on a plug and play handset. This enables them to swiftly and easily switch between their original vehicle settings and the K-Tec tuned ECU map and is priced as a £234.00 cost option with the Performance Pack 1, including VAT.

Overseas customers can order an export suited version of the K-Tec Racing Performance Pack 1 ECU which they can self-install remotely using the Renflash handset, priced at £395.00 excluding VAT.

PLEASE NOTE: The same upgrades are available for owners of the previous version of the RenaultSport Megane, the 250 Cup.