JRM Mitsubishi Evo X scores outright victory in Safari Rally


Mitsubishi Evo X rally car wins by over ten minutes in gruelling African rally 

JRM Mitsubishi


Daventry, UK – Motorsport engineering company JR Motorsports (JRM) has secured its latest victory in Round 5 of the FIA African Rally Championship. Driver Baldev Singh Chager won the KCB Safari rally at the wheel of his JRM-constructed Mitsubishi Evo X, to seize the lead of the Kenyan Rally Championship. In arguably one of the most arduous rallies in the world, the strength of JRM’s custom builds and attention to detail enabled Chager and co driver Ravi Soni to beat the extreme temperatures and equally punishing dust and rocky terrain.

Particularly brutal this year was the 84km Il Bissel to Parane stage that was responsible for a high rate of attrition with numerous engine and suspension failures among the top runners. Described by even seasoned drivers as a ‘killer’ stage, Chager was able to press on, enabling his Evo X to hold the lead he secured on the second stage right to the finish.

For Chager, JRM’s ability to build the right specification car and crucially an ability to service the car quickly in the field was a factor in winning an event he had always missed out on. “It has been one of the roughest and toughest Safaris,” says Chager. “Having the right parts such as dampers and wheels and JRM’s technical support enabled us to avoid the problems that have previously led to me to not win this most prestigious rally.”

Safari Rally

According to JRM Group executive director James Rumsey, the victory champions JRM’s strategy to work closely with customers anywhere in the world, providing exactly what they need.  “We can guide customers to select the appropriate derivative of Clubman, Group N or R4 or something in between,” adds Rumsey. “Subarus have won 15 of the last 17 African Championships, but building on our success in the UK and Middle East, we now offer a tough and competitive car that can win in Africa and change all that.”

The proven reliability and speed of the JRM-built Mitsubishi Evo X has allowed the Daventry-built cars to score a number of victories on the African continent this year, ultimately leading to JRM selling a record number of cars in the region in 2013. These include Jas Mangat’s newly-acquired JRM-built car that now tops the FIA African Rally Championship standings. “Rivals now understand what the car is capable of withstanding, yet still go quickly, leading to more and more switching to JRM cars,” adds Rumsey.

Complementing the rigorous build, JRM also supplies in-the-field full technical support, no matter where the car competes in the world. “With a growing number of cars in Africa, we can increasingly offer local, affordable technical support,” adds Rumsey. “An R4 car is a complex vehicle and needs to be looked after to get the most performance and durability from it and needs experienced technicians to maintain it. That is why we are training local engineers and also attending every event.”

Evo in build

The next event for JRM is V-Power Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally on the 16th-17th August 2013.