Joseph von Eichendorff


Today 10 March 2013 if you visit the German Google Search engine you will find the Google Doodle dedicated to the legacy of Joseph von Eichendorff. Joseph von Eichendorff was born on the 10th of March 1788 and passed away on the 26th of November 1788.

Joseph von Eichendorff

Today 225years later Joseph von Eichendorff was honored once again for his contributions to German Poetry by having the honor of appearing on the Google German Homepage Joseph von Eichendorff Google Doodle.

Joseph von Eichendorff was and is still today regarded as one of the most important German Romantics and his works have been popular since the start of his career and is still very popular today in Germany. Joseph von Eichendorff was a poet, lyricist, writer and novelist.

Memoirs of a good-for-nothing, by Joseph von Eichendorff

Memoirs of a good-for-nothing is one of the most charming books by Joseph von Eichendorff. Written back in 1826, it’s the story of how an amiable idiot goes out to seek his fortune but instead finds love and adventure, without ever understanding anything that’s going on around him.

The novella opens with our hero waking up to his father’s complaints that once again he’s been sleeping while others worked, that he’s a good-for-nothing and should go out and earn his own living.