The 2011 Johannesburg International Motor Show is almost ready to open. With just over a day to go until the official media reveals ON Thursday morning, the passenger and trucking halls are a hive of activity.


    The atmosphere is tense and busy as the set builders frantically put the finishing touches on the stands. Workers are furiously working away and it’s expected that many will be pulling an all-night shift in an effort to finish.

    Many of the manufacturers’ vehicles are here already. Some have been loaded onto their stands and covered with sheets while others sit in the loading areas waiting patiently. The latest and greatest concept vehicles have been carefully removed out of their containers and are awaiting stand placement.


    For some car-makers, they can breathe a huge sigh of relief as the vast majority of work has been completed. For others, it is going to be a desperate race against the clock.

    There will be a distinctly local flavour to the show, especially in hall 9. The main attraction will be South Africa’s very own supercar, the Zagato Perana Z-One, which is assembled in Port Elizabeth. Backdraft Cobras will also make an appearance as well as some examples of the Millennium 7 sports car.


    The legendary Arctic Truck Toyotas that went to the South Pole are now made right here in Johannesburg and two of them will be at the show.

    Outside the halls, the last few details are being taken care of, with trucks being given one last wipe down and polish. The outdoor activity area is almost complete with the 4×4 track being readied to put the various manufacturers’ products through their paces.

    For the rugby fans, there will be a dedicated area that will be televising the games live from the Rugby World Cup on both weekends early on before the show opens.


    The Johannesburg International Motor Show is the biggest motoring show on the African continent and is ranked in the top 20 of motoring shows globally. Thursday and Friday are reserved for the media and VIPs. Public days are from Saturday until Sunday October 16. Admission fee is R80 for adults and R20 for children from 6-12. Gates open at 09:00 and ticket sales stop at 18:00.