Johannesburg Motor Show: 3D Virtual Tour


    The Johannesburg Motor Show 2011 took place in Johannesburg at the Nasrec Johannesburg Expo Center in October 2011

    Johannesburg Motor Show 2012

    The exhibition takes place every second year and runs in conjunction to the Johannesburg Truck and Bus Show. The Johannesburg Motor Show is the biggest single motoring event in South Africa and visitors to the show can view most of the big motor brands and manufacturers at the show.

    3D Car Shows have created a complete virtual tour of the October 2011 Johannesburg Motor Show, allowing visitors to the site to view the Johannesburg Motor Show in a virtual photorealistic environment. Although the Johannesburg Motor Show have long passed the 3D Car Shows site, receive large amounts of people visiting the virtual tour every month and walking through the Virtual Tour.

    According to Gerald Ferreira (Me) we are planning to create the next Johannesburg Motor Show Virtual Tour in much more detail. In the current virtual tour visitors can walk through the show, and view all the cars and brands that were at the show in the virtual tour. Visitors however cannot click on a car to see the model of the car, who the manufacture is and where to buy the car. In the next Johannesburg Motor Show virtual tour we will make these features available.

    In the meantime you can view the 2011

    Johannesburg Motor Show Virtual Tour

    online to see what the show was all about!

    Photographs from the Johannesburg Motor Show

    3D Car Shows have a long history with the Auto Africa and Johannesburg Motor Show. We have taken photographs of the show since 2004. You can view these images on the

    3D Car Shows Image Gallery

     or by specific show.

    Here are some teaser images of the Johannesburg Motor Show.

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