Johannesburg motor show 2011


    This year the Automotive Companies showcasing their products at the bi-annual Johannesburg Motor Show promises more excitement and innovation. The motor show starts on the 8th of October and ends on the 16th of October

    Johannesburg Motor Show Logo

    With an absence of 3 years the Johannesburg Motor Show is finally returning to the Nasrec Conventional center in Johannesburg South Africa. The show is usually held every 2 years, but due to the Soccer World Cup held in South Africa in 2010. The organizers of the motor show made the decision to move the show to 2011.

    Most motor enthusiasts found this acceptable at the time, but a year is a long time to wait, and both the Auto manufacturers and the public are all eager for the show to start. In the last couple of days the buzz is on about the show, whether you turn on your television or radio, or drive through the streets you can hear and see the advertisements about the Johannesburg Motor Show.

    We here at 3D Car Shows are just as excited about the

    Johannesburg Motor Show

    which are set to start on the 6th of October for the Media, and on the 8th of October for the general public. The Show will end on the 16th of October.

    Since Auto Africa in 2004 we have attended the biggest auto motor show on the African continent, and we will do so again this year. At this Johannesburg International Motor Show we will take once again thousands of images, virtual tours and videos of the event and report these back to our web site visitors.

    If you live in another country or are not able to visit the show, you will still get value from the show with our live reporting on the event. People that want to stay at home and rather watch the rugby world cup will also be able to attend the show. The organizers of the event have created one of the largest Rugby Supporter areas in South Africa during the rugby world cup, and you will still be able to watch the rugby!

    The Rugby Supporters area will be one of the best places to watch the rugby, as beeing among a thousand or more supporters shouting for the same team should be thrilling and exciting and bring another dimension to the game.

    Some of the motor companies that will attend this year’s show include: Volkswagen, Tata, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Jaguar and Bentley to name a few. One of the most exciting thing for me in this year’s motor show lineup is the 4×4 vehicles, off-road and of course the Concept Cars.